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Market Discovery Guide tool: Part D – A guide to exploring the market discussions

This tool provides guidance to understand the market system into which your technology solution will be applied. The different parts of the tool will help you ensure that your technology solution meets the needs and different perspectives of the people who will use it (i.e. end users) and those who will buy it (i.e. customers) as well as other key actors within it the market system.

Part C is a list of questions to help you understand the needs, challenges and opportunities from a market perspective. This tool will also provide guidance to analyse the responses you have received to understand whether there is a real market opportunity, or if there is interest in collaborating or buying your technology. Your subsequent discussions will be informed by the problems faced by the end user and the ability of your technology solution to solve them, as well as by identifying the main trends within the sector and the wider sector trends and opportunities that your technology may support.

This tool is currently under development, please return here soon: Part D – Mapping your networks and relationships