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Regulation Support Contacts Guide – Step 3

Do you know what if any regulatory approval is needed for your technology solution to be launched in the market?

What is this tool?
This tool is a list of contact details for key Vietnamese organisations that can provide advice and help you consider all the relevant laws and regulations associated with the commercialisation of your technology solution.

Why use this tool?
Successful commercialisation requires compliance with a range of commercialisation laws and market regulations In Viet Nam. The list can be a useful reference to identify who you may need to contact regarding the various stages during the commercialisation of your technology solution.

Tip: A technology solution can fail to be commercialised if you do not take into account all of the relevant legal and regulatory obligations that impact the path to market. If you don’t know where to start, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Start by contacting the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) in your organisation.

Note: The organisations included in this reference list are for Viet Nam only.

Caution: Each country has its own intellectual property and market regulations with which you will need to comply to successfully commercialise your technology. If you are planning to commercialise your technology solution outside of Viet Nam, take the time to research these specific laws and regulations. Don’t assume they will be the same as Viet Nam!

Download the contact list here: Regulation support contacts list Steps 3&5_2021(26KB)