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The Commercialisation PLUS Guide

The framework developed for this Guide is called “Commercialisation PLUS“. The Commercialisation PLUS process is founded on global best practice for innovation and commercialisation and is underpinned by Viet Nam’s regulatory and legal frameworks for commercialisation.

This Guide is based upon several key foundational principles aimed at supporting Viet Nam’s progress towards their sustainable development commitments and goals.

The Guide focuses beyond commercial and economic outcomes (i.e. profit) and includes social (i.e. people) and environmental (i.e. planet) impacts, also known as the triple bottom line. These outcomes are explicitly identified at the beginning of the commercialisation process to create awareness for the users, furthermore these focus areas are also integrated into the various steps within the Guide.

How to use this guide
This Guide is a practical reference for researchers and science commercialisation professionals in public universities and research organisations in Viet Nam, who are new to the commercialisation process. The Guide provides a comprehensive step-by-step, approach to lead users through the commercialisation process, taking them from science research in the laboratory to achieving impact that is beyond solely focussing on revenue, and incorporating societal and environmental considerations.

The Guide is divided into four chapters. Each chapter aims to build upon knowledge from previous chapters, however they can also be read independently, depending on the experience of the reader and their role in the commercialisation process.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Commercialisation PLUS
In this chapter, readers will gain an overview of Commercialisation PLUS, including the guiding principles; why successful commercialisation results are important for sustainable development; how commercialisation can lead to impact; an overview of the key steps in the Commercialisation PLUS process; and, the important role of the Technology Transfer Office (TTO), or equivalent, in supporting successful commercialisation results.

Chapter 2: Overview of key regulations and legal considerations underpinning Commercialisation PLUS
Chapter 2 provides an overview of the legal and regulatory requirements for transferring technology, including the transfer of public assets, protecting research and technology products and services, as well as disclosure processes and regulations within Viet Nam and at an international level.

Chapter 3: A Step-by-step guide to the Commercialisation PLUS process
The individual steps of the Commercialisation PLUS process are explained in detail, with additional advice and guidance to support decision-making. This chapter also introduces a range of different tools, tips, case studies and useful references to support the implementation of these steps.

Chapter 4: Supporting Tools and Templates
This chapter provides readers with the practical tools and templates, outlined in Chapter 3.

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